Precise solution

Odoo Development

Although Odoo offers a range of ready-made applications for different segments, our specialty is the creation of new modules according to the needs of our customers. Best of all, new modules are always built integrating with existing ones.

Why did we decide to adopt Odoo as our web solutions platform?

Odoo is an amazing open source framework. It uses Python, Javascript and PostgreSQL technologies. Its version is updated every year, thus bringing constant improvements to users and developers. With Odoo we are able to deliver a robust product to our customers faster than if it was created using other market platforms that became fashionable for only a short time. Odoo has been on the market since 2005 and is maintained by both Odoo S.A. and by the OCA (Odoo Community Association).
Below we highlight some advantages of Odoo:
  • okLow cost, as it is an Open Source product.
  • okCommunity made up of over 1,500 active members and over 3,500 partners.
  • okIt has over 7 million users worldwide from startups (1 user) to large companies (300,000+ users).
  • okWith the "On-premise" offering, Odoo is the most installed business software in the world.
  • okThe flexibility that Odoo offers is such that applications can be added as the company grows, that is, as its needs evolve and its customer base grows.
  • okThere are a huge number of developers around the world, so that the client is not held hostage by a small group of professionals.
  • okCustomizable according to your company's reality.
  • okIt has scalability, thus accompanying the growth of your company / business.
  • okAll modules are integrated.

Your ideas

If you have ideas to innovate your business or if you want to create something new, talk to us. We will strive to find a solution that meets your needs within your reality.

Create from scratch or customize

Before we create a new module, we always check if there is already something ready on the market that meets the customer's needs. Customizing something ready-made can save time and require less investment from the customer.

Solution Publication

As the modules are being developed, we at FocoSolution will make them available on the web, in a restricted way, so that you can follow the evolution of your project.