Odoo Customization

Each company has its own unique way of conducting its business, so it is often necessary to customize certain Odoo modules. FocoSolution helps you in this customization according to your company's needs.
Photo by Lukas from Pexels
One of the great advantages of Odoo is that you don't have to be tied to a single supplier. Odoo is a framework that has its own technical standard established since the first versions and this makes maintenance much less complex than traditional technologies.

Cases where an application requires maintenance:

  • Improvements to meet new business rules
  • Add new integration, either with an internal or external application
  • Repair of previously unidentified defects
  • Performance improvement due to growing volume of managed data
  • Update the Odoo version, thus ensuring a performance improvement

Want to know how it works in 6 steps:

1. Contact us

We need to know your real need, so feel free to contact us and tell us about how we can help you.

4. Study and implementation

We will study the source code of your application and implement the necessary changes.

2. Preparation of the Proposal

Based on our conversation, we study your needs and prepare a proposal for your approval.

5. Test presentation

We will deploy the changes to the test environment for your team to investigate the changes made.

3. Odoo code access

Once our proposal is approved, we will request access to the source code of your Odoo application.

6. Deploy in Production

We make the new module available so that your IT team can deploy in production.