Customised Software

There comes a time when we need a solution that has our face, our way of thinking and acting. We no longer want to have to follow patterns or modus operandis that are not in accordance with our reality.

FocoSolution develops tailored systems to meet the needs of demanding people like you. We seek to understand the needs of our customers in order to develop software that helps companies grow and prosper.

Below we illustrate the points that we consider fundamental when choosing a tailored software. We also talk about the technology we use, so that everything is as transparent as possible.
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How a tailor-made software can help your company:

  • The system will be built according to your needs, thus preventing your company from having to adapt to something already ready.
  • Allow greater control and management of your business in an automatic way.
  • Avoid the rework of day-to-day tasks, as well as reduce failures, since we humans are always subject to errors.
  • Be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing authorized people to have access to information from anywhere (if you opt for a cloud solution).
  • Integrate your company with customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Stop being hostage to spreadsheets where few professionals have the knowledge.

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Advantages of the Systems developed by FocoSolution:

  • okThe source code we generate will be yours, that is, you will be free to continue with us or change supplier, if you wish.

    okYou will be able to follow the progress of your project during the development phase. Thus, unnecessary surprises in the final product are avoided.

    okWe like people and we try to understand them. We believe that this is the recipe for a good understanding of our client's needs.

    okWe are experts in absorbing the intelligence that is in people's heads and thus generating systems that are also intelligent.

    okWe are passionate about what we do, making everything easier.

Technology used in the Software developed by FocoSolution:

There are several languages ​​and technologies to develop software, each company / professional chooses their own. This choice can be based on n factors ranging from the ease of technology used to personal / business interests.

We, at FocoSolutions, have adopted a technology that we believe to be the best, both for our customers and for ourselves.

We adopt Odoo as a standard in the development of our applications. Odoo is an open source tool, just like the famous WordPress. It is a framework that has been around since 2005 (then called TinyERP). It uses the Python language and the PostgreSQL database. Odoo is best known as an ERP system, that is, a set of interconnected modules to serve the management of small to large companies.

We use Odoo as a framework, thus managing to create robust software that one day can be integrated into Odoo ERP, if necessary.

Some advantages of software developed with Odoo:

  • It has a built-in access control, that is, the login screen and user management is ready to be used.
  • Have a list of companies and people ready.
  • It makes use of an easy and friendly navigation, making life easier for users.
  • Ease for us developers to create CRUDs (Inclusion / Change / Exclusion / Query).
  • It can be used as an ERP in your company, just by installing the modules you need.
  • It uses the XML-RPC protocol, thus facilitating integration with systems that provide APIs.

Some companies in the world that already use Odoo:

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