About Us

We are an IT company founded in 2014. Our focus has always been on creating software solutions.

FocoSolution strives to obtain the best solution for customer needs. Our purpose is to always develop quality work, a solution that lasts. It is not enough to solve one problem and fall into another.


Generate quality code for companies and people who need to implement a solution using ERP Odoo.

The code we generate is always made available to our customers, thus guaranteeing their freedom.

We want to form a long-term relationship between the people involved in the whole process and thus ensure everyone's growth.

Founder / CEO

I'm Paulo Roberto G. Freire, my passion for computers started when I was 15 years old. To this day, I celebrate each new challenge that arises, being sure that I will do my best and it will be another success. I like to understand the real needs of customers so that I can deliver something that exceeds their expectations. Training people and sharing knowledge is always a pleasure. In my 30 years of profession, I have worked for large companies in different sectors, such as: banking, insurance, telecommunications and industrial.



We're in Brazil, São Paulo and our Time Zone here is UTC-3. Fortunately we live in a world that is easy to connect and make business. So I'm sure that our distance won't be an issue.